A Turnkey solution for single-family and multi-family buildings renovation.

Solutions4Renovation is an integrated home renovation service for homeowners in France, Spain and Ireland. Developed under the Horizon2020 project ‘Turnkey Retrofit’, Solutions4Renovation facilitates the renovation journey by offering homeowners a free online diagnostic in just a few clicks.

burden-free experience for homeowners, this holistic service allows to manage and upgrade their homes in a simpler and cost-effective way. It matches homeowners with the right building professionals and financial options, while assembling the local capacity for deep energy renovations.

Transforming the complex and fragmented renovation process into a simple, straightforward and attractive process, Solutions4Renovation takes all aspects of renovation into account such as home improvement, increased comfort, enhanced health & quality of life.

What does Solutions4Renovation offer to homeowners?

  • Information about their homes
  • Potential works
  • Contacts with providers and installers and contracting of works
  • Structuring and provision of financial incentives: homeowners are directed to the most appropriate available financing opportunities;
  • Monitoring of works and quality assurance: to ensure quality control, quality assurance and integration of subcontractors.
  • Commissioning and post-assessment of the works and of the building performance

9 partners (from research, consultancy, engineering companies, non-profit organisations, technology centres) have joined forces to develop Solutions4Renovation in France, Ireland and Spain.

To know more about the project, visit www.turnkey-retrofit.eu